The Rules of Probate

Probate in the UK is governed by a strict set of rules. When a person dies their possessions must be redistributed either by following the instructions laid out in a Will or using the intestacy rules to determine the fairest way if the deceased left no instructions.

The majority of estate administration and other issues concerned with probate are best taken care of by experienced probate solicitors.

Lengthy legal disputes and other stressful problems can occur as the result of improperly completed probate. The best way to avoid this is to let a professional take care of things.

The Rules of Probate in the UK

Acting on behalf of someone who has died will place several major responsibilities on you.

The probate rules will require you to take proper care of the deceased’s possessions and always act in their interest, leaving you open to court cases and even criminal prosecution if you fail to do so.

If you’ve been named as the executor of a Will it’s best to seek legal advice before taking any action, and to seriously consider instructing a probate solicitor to act on your behalf.

It may seem impersonal to leave a probate solicitor in charge of your loved ones possessions; however, your probate solicitor will keep you informed and involved at all stages of the process.

This way, you can always be up-to-date on what’s happening, as well as able to share information with the other relatives and beneficiaries of the Will and keep an eye on all of the proceedings.